Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blog News

In blog news last month was the first month the blog went out on its own rather than just being an uncut version on blogspot, after the closure of mkdons online I wasnt sure how many would find the blog here but it seems to have been a good move with most finding the blog via google search and the numbers are on par with figures Id been sent.

Although with the mkdons online version it was on the front page so hard to know whether people were reading the blog or just using the site generaly.

I have now also put a more general version of the blog with not so much club gossip on and also did a couple of QPR game blogs which due to the timely sacking of Warnock cheers Neil !pulled in over a thousand hits on the first blog but not had figure's for secoond one yet one .

The shortened MK Dons blog on there has had over two hundred views so not bad for a third division club on a mainly Prem team site .

I was also voted eleventh best writer which is great for a bloke who left school at sixteen and was competing with proper writer's and sports journo's lol.

I would again like to thank everyone who reads the blog and to those of you that promote the blog (and therefore the club )on twitter and elsewhere total views on both sites total over a thousand..

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