Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Is Robbo too big for Dons boots? - MK DONS - Milton Keynes Citizen

Is Robbo too big for Dons boots? - MK DONS - Milton Keynes Citizen

Personally I don't think so (in regards to this story which is basically responding to the rumours of Sheffield Unt supposed interest in Robbo) so no he  not to big for his boots.

Reason being it was only ever a rumour and no official approach or even talks were made by Sheffield Unt so why should Robbo or even MK Dons comment on it ?

Robbo has moaned about budget restraints but what lower league manager doesn't ! he has also cited the injuries to key players through the season but then I think with MacKenzie Gleeson and Chadwick fit we would have at least made the play off's  lets not forget how long Gleeson and Chadwick were out for and they were arguably our two best players.

Robbo is not perfect but he has been loyal to the club in the past when genuine interest was shown and for that reason alone I think he deserves our support .

My own view is Robbo has had three seasons to build a team and so last season was the one he should have done it but I sympathise with him and I think the injuries did cost us.

But it was his choice to have a small squad of quality rather than a bigger squad with more depth, in that regard the gamble did not pay off and he could have used his contacts to bring in players of same or better quality ! maybe he tried  and was not given the money to cover wages those players would have cost but we will never really know for sure.

Either way I think the 2013-14 season will be crucial to Karl's future at the Don's a good cup run and the defeat of  Kingston and QPR probably saved him this season gone but I do not think he will be so lucky again.

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