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The MK Dons Season 2013-14

Club and Team Captain Dean Lewington

Below is a list of the fixtures including Pre Season and all Cup fixtures for the 20013-14 season I will add some comments at the end of the season and when I put the last fixtures up.
I have been getting up to six hundred views since I stopped the monthly blogs so I will keep the site going for the foreseeable future as it is obviously being used as reference tool.

Pre Season Friendlies

Mon 08 Jul 2013 St James' Gate
St James' Gate Friendly Att. A 2 - 0 W

Tue 09 Jul 2013 University College Dublin (UCD)
University College Dublin (UCD) Friendly Att. 193 A 2 - 2 D

Wed 10Jul 2013
Birmingham City Behind-closed-doors friendly Att. A 1 - 4 W

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Newport Pagnell Town Friendly Att. A 0 - 4 W

Sat 13 Jul 2013
Leighton Town Friendly Att. A 2 - 4 W

Tue 16 Jul 2013
Brackley Town Friendly Att. 789 A 1 - 2 W

Sun 21 Jul 2013
Plymouth Argyle Friendly Att. 1,686 A 1 - 1 D

Wed 24Jul 2013
Rayo Vallecano Friendly Att. 3,532 H 4 - 3 W

Sat 27 Jul 2013
Barnet Friendly Att. 1,062 A 1 - 4 W

Wed 31Jul 2013
Tottenham Hotspur XI Friendly Att. 8,671 H 1 - 0 W

Season 2013/2014 Sky Bet League One
August Sat 03 2013
Shrewsbury att 5,144 A 0 - 0 D

TUE 06 AUG 2013
NorthamptonCapital One Cup Att 3,486 A 1 - 2 W

SAT 10AUG 2013
Crewe Att 6,911 H 1 - 0 W

SAT 17 AUG 2013
Preston North End Att 9,944 A 2 - 2 D

SAT 24 AUG 2013
Bristol City Att 7,874 H 2 - 2 D

TUE 27AUG 2013
Sunderland Capital One Cup Att 18,992 A 4 - 2 L

SAT 31 AUG 2013
Sheff Utd Att 15,080 A 0 - 1 W

TUE 03 SEP 2013
Northampton Johnstone's Paint Trophy Att 4,299 H 2 - 0 W

SAT 07 SEP 2013
Swindon Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,738 H 1 - 1 D

SAT 14 SEP 2013
Notts County Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,142 H 3 - 1 W

SAT 21SEP 2013
Peterborough Sky Bet League 1 Att 8,149 A 2 - 1 L

SAT 28 SEP 2013
Stevenage Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,770 H 4 - 1 W

SAT 05 OCT 2013
Gillingham Sky Bet League 1 Att 5,410 A 3 - 2 L

TUE 08 OCT 2013
Stevenage Johnstone's Paint Trophy Att 1,456 A 2 - 1 L

SAT 12OCT 2013
Leyton Orient Sky Bet League 1 Att 6,359 A 2 - 1 L

SAT 19 OCT 2013
Rotherham Sky Bet League 1 Att 11,564 H 3 - 2 W

TUE 22OCT 2013
Carlisle Sky Bet League 1 Att 6,675 H 0 - 1 L

SAT 26OCT 2013
Tranmere Sky Bet League 1 Att 4,100 A 3 - 2 L

Walsall Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,711 H 1 - 0 W

SAT 09 NOV 2013
FC Halifax Town The FA Cup with Budweiser Att 4,049 H 4 - 1 W

SAT 23 NOV 2013
Bradford Sky Bet League 1 Att 8,970 H 2 - 3 L

TUE 26 NOV 2013
Colchester Sky Bet League 1 Att 2,597 A 3 - 1 L

SAT 30NOV 2013
Coventry Sky Bet League 1 Att 14,988 H 1 - 3 L

Dover The FA Cup with Budweiser Att 4,060 H 1 - 0 W

SAT 14 DEC 2013
Wolves Sky Bet League 1 Att 17,142 A 0 - 2 W

SAT 21 DEC 2013
Port Vale Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,882 H 3 - 0 W

THU 26DEC 2013
Crawley Town Sky Bet League 1 Att 3,249 A 0 - 2 W

SUN 29DEC 2013
Brentford Sky Bet League 1 Att 8,010 A 3 - 1 L

WED 01 JAN 2014
Colchester Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,879 H 0 - 0 D

SAT 04 JAN 2014
WiganThe FA Cup with Budweiser Att 6,960 A 3 - 3 D

SAT 11 JAN 2014
Shrewsbury Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,408 H 3 - 2 W

TUE 14 JAN 2014
WiganThe FA Cup with Budweiser Att 8,316 H 1 - 3 L

SAT 18 JAN 2014
Bristol City Sky Bet League 1 Att 11,533 A 2 - 2 D

TUE 21 JAN 2014
Crewe Sky Bet League 1 Att 3,613 A 2 - 0 L

TUE 28 JAN 2014
Carlisle Sky Bet League 1 Att 3,007 A 3 - 0 L

Tranmere Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,460 H 0 - 1 L

SAT 08 FEB 2014
Walsall Sky Bet League 1 Att 4,116 A 0 - 3 W

SAT 15 FEB 2014
Oldham Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,385 H 2 - 1 W

TUE 18FEB 2014

Preston North End Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,279 H 0 - 0 D

SAT 22FEB 2014
Bradford Sky Bet League 1 Att 13,501 A 1 - 0 L

TUE 25FEB 2014
Oldham Sky Bet League 1 Att 2,792 A 1 - 2 W

SAT 01 MAR 2014
Sheff Utd Sky Bet League 1 Att 9,192 H 0 - 1 L

SAT 08MAR 2014
Swindon Sky Bet League 1 Att 7,424 A 1 - 2 W

TUE 11 MAR 2014
Notts County Sky Bet League 1 Att 3,331 A 1 - 3 W

SAT 15MAR 2014
Peterborough Sky Bet League 1 Att 9,590 H 0 - 2 L

SAT 22MAR 2014
Stevenage Sky Bet League 1 Att 3,027 A 2 - 3 W

TUE 25MAR 2014
Gillingham Sky Bet League 1 Att 6,760 H 0 - 1 L

SAT 29MAR 2014
Wolves Sky Bet League 1 Att 20,516 H 0 - 1 L

Coventry Sky Bet League 1 Att 2,781 A 1 - 2 W

SAT 12APR 2014
Crawley Town Sky Bet League 1 Att 8,877 H 0 - 2 L

FRI 18 APR 2014
Port Vale Sky Bet League 1 Att 5,074 A 1 - 0 L

MON 21 APR 2014
Brentford Sky Bet League 1 Att 10,549 H 2 - 2 D

SAT 26 APR 2014
Rotherham Sky Bet League 1 Att 9,405 A 2-2 D

MAY SAT 03 MAY 2014

Leyton Orient Sky Bet League 1 Att 9,965 (1,334 away) H 1-3 L


Well its been a strange season and to be honest no better or worse than I thought.

With the small squad we had at the start of season and inevitable injuries we would undoubtedly incur through it I had predicted 12th to finish if we lost Bamford which of course we did.

With the sale of Williams the loss of Waddock the injuries to Kay Reeves Martin etc ,Chadwick going of to Cambridge we were just never going to realistically get in the play offs.

Interestingly none were training ground injuries to my knowledge although a new training ground is desperately needed.

Again we had a decent Cup run and again none of the money found its way to the squad the buildings around the stadium and the hotel are bringing more money in and the new developments like cinema will bring in more.

Its frustrating for us fans as we often see it as the clubs money but it is not and the money from those developments goes to Inter MK Pete Winkelmans parent company if you like.

Andy King was appointed as scout to work under Bobby Winkelman !! but really too little too late with Karl attending games up and down the country looking for players and even nipping over to Holland he really was doing more than a manager should have too.

I think I heard he did something like 10 games in 15 days while still doing daily stuff here like training and paperwork.
He has had the smallest budget of any Dons manager and it has been in real terms cut every year he has been manager ,so I give him a bit of slack for not getting in play off's this season.

But then according to Pete in his talk sport interview Karl had the 2nd biggest budget last season of any manager which looking back over the squads Allen Ince and Roberto had I found very surprising ! As under those managers we had up to and over 30 players used no kids and always filled the bench so I can only think the players we have had last two seasons must be on a hell of a wage or other things must be in included !! in Pete's figure anyway and the actual team budget is only thing included in Pete's figure.

Either way I know from doing team sheets every game we always have smallest squad all very confusing !(bar Orient)
But I do see some fans frustration at Karl to be warranted he has after all been manager for a while and to say he is now rebuilding the squad does kind of make you wonder why he didn't get it right before !

I am still a Robbo fan and like the City/Town and the club he is young and ambititious and i know from conversation's we have had he gets it and loves the club and has a real passion for the youngsters and the academy a thought Pete must have as he said not getting in play offs last two seasons was a disappointment but that Karl was still here for work he does with youngsters and around club or words to that effect.

Results have been erratic to say the least beating Wolves at theirs yet losing to Crawley at home to name just two.
I do still think a lot of fans expect too much but that is probably a general fan thing !

I think next season will be very interesting and do not think for one minute we will have a top five budget (despite Pete saying we are always top six in everything budget attendance etc ) and I don't think we will be top five unless we do.
Karl is still a learning manager but at this stage Id say he is still a better coach than manager though I do conceed he does more than a manager should.

But Id say he was as good as the money he gets ie if he gets 10th biggest budget he'll finish around 10th I do think he will get better but he has had outside interference's and I don't think an inexperienced head of recruitment with no Professional football career behind him is the greatest move the club ever made as we know contacts are made over time in the football world particularly .

The season seemed to be over before the Brentford game for most fans and even I was looking forward to the World Cup more than the last few games.

But a draw against already promoted Brentford seemed to lift the spirits a bit even amongst the gloomiest of our fan-base !

I really was left more confused as to next season after listening to Pete, as what he said seemed to be so different to what I have heard from others and I think we will just have to wait and see.

End of season is always a bit sad and on the Thursday before the Orient game I made a point of chatting to a few of players and after a chat with Dele and George and Daniel Powell I wondered how many would be here come August .

Two of the three I mention will hopefully be here but in light of recent rumours I said to Dele if you get poached good luck wherever you go ! I forget sometimes how young they all are and not much older than my own son but they are so polite and real credit to the club and their parents of course.

The last game saw us out classed by Orient a squad with two less players though they do not include as many youth in theirs it shows a small squad can get you in play off's ! As an O's fan said to me it cost nothing and its got academy players which sounded familiar but result was different.

Next season will be interesting and I think will be Karl's last unless at least play off's are achieved whatever the budget is.

But I have renewed my ST and will be here whatever to finish 10th with the injuries we have had and I suspect the 10th or round about that size budget is average we were average we finished mid table which is average we played at times great at times crap which combined makes average the season has looking back been average.

Lewington made it to five hundred games and ten years service and for me is still one of first names Id have on team sheet John Brockwell stood down as chair of MKDSA after ten years after helping to broker the accord and securing recognition for the supporters and nice few million for the club in process though I'm not a member his contribution has been immense over the years
and I for one thank him for his work all voluntary.

Onward and upward as they say and COYD.

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