Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Harford departs stadiummk

Harford departs stadiummk

Not a great surprise although I thought he might be offered the scouting role.

In the year he was with the Dons I only ever spoke to him for more than  the customary hello once
in all the times I saw him him at training ground.

After the banter and talks Id had with John Gorman I thought Mick was quite aloof.

He seemed to have little passion during training or on the touchline and I think most fans were not
surprised or upset to see him go, although it does seem to have a feel of the scapegoat scenario about the departure.

So what will happen to Ian Wright ?  the infrequent coach !
Unless he is actually going to be here during training I can not see the point of him drawing a wage .

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