Monday, 24 June 2013

Waddock joins the Dons staff

Waddock joins the Dons staff 

So Gary Waddock joins as Karl's number two or is he ? Gary has been given the title of Clubs Head of Coaching.
This seems a strange title is that like a Director of Football ? I find all these new fangled titles a bit confusing
as I never know how " important " the person really is or what his position in the hierarchy actually is.

I mean is Gary really an Assistant manager with a Posh title of is this one of Karl's new European style of management appointments ?

Anyway all a bit too confusing for my little brain but overall I feel happy with Waddock here, and Karl's comments were interesting as well  speaking to Robinson said: “The big thing for me is that Gary has been a manager himself in recent times and he has a great ability to encourage, develop and work with young players.

This suggests a return to the Gorman style of helping the young emerging players along, something I noticed Mick Harford did not do much of.

Also  Waddock has been working for the Premier League  monitoring clubs and their progress following the introduction of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) 12 months ago. Waddock has left that position to take on the job here at the Dons and so will be familiar with a lot of players which will help us when it comes to loan's .
Gary will also know the lower leagues as well and maybe knows some players that could do a job for us here.


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