Monday, 1 July 2013

Bamford back in MK

Bamford back in MK
                                          Patrick Bamford last season at Woughton.

So young Patrick is back till January on a youth loan which I think is great news as like a lot of fans I think he is a class act.

Before the team went to Ireland I spoke to Karl and he said he was trying to get  Patrick back so he will be sinking a few tonight in celebration maybe !

Last season as we know we suffered with injuries to key players like MacKenzie , Gleeson and Chadwick but we also lost young Bamford an event that gets overlooked.

The young Chelsea player was awesome in that early game he played alongside Chadders and the pair of them looked like they had been paired for years and I think that was just the pure class and understanding of the game both possess , the seasoned old campaigner from Man Unt and the future star.

As we look forward to the coming season one of the highlights will be watching Patrick and Chadwick playing alongside each other again.


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